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RW Commercial Catering Engineers provide catering equipment repairs, maintenance and installations for commercial ovens, fryers, grills and ice machines.

Based in Fleet, Hampshire with over 15 years’ experience in the industry maintaining, servicing and installing all types and brands of commercial catering equipment, we offer an efficient, reliable and honest service across North Hampshire & surrounding areas.

Our fully qualified engineers specialise in emergency breakdowns, planned servicing and installing commercial catering equipment.

Planned Preventative Maintenance
Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is crucial for maintaining the efficiency, safety, and longevity of equipment in commercial kitchens. In such high-intensity environments, where appliances are continuously in use, regular upkeep is essential to prevent breakdowns, ensure food safety, and comply with health regulations.

RW Commercial Catering Engineers will devise a comprehensive schedule for you, outlining specific maintenance tasks and their frequency. This will include routine inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and calibration of equipment such as ovens, grills, refrigerators and ventilation systems. Regular checks should also encompass electrical wiring, gas connections and plumbing to detect and address potential hazards early on.

Secondly, training staff in basic maintenance procedures can aid in early issue detection and reduce the need for external assistance. Employees should be educated on proper cleaning techniques, signs of wear and tear and protocols for reporting problems promptly. Additionally, establishing clear guidelines for equipment usage and care can minimise the risk of damage due to misuse or neglect.

We will also keep detailed records of maintenance activities which is imperative for tracking equipment performance and compliance with regulatory standards. This includes documenting inspections, repairs, replacement parts, and any incidents that may impact operational efficiency or safety.

Partnering with qualified service providers like RW Commercial Catering Engineers for periodic professional assessments and servicing can complement internal efforts and ensure compliance with manufacturer recommendations. Scheduled maintenance contracts can provide peace of mind, as experts conduct thorough inspections and address potential issues before they escalate into costly repairs or pose safety risks.

In essence, a well-executed PPM plan is essential for the smooth functioning of commercial kitchens, safeguarding both equipment integrity and the reputation of the establishment.

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Catering & Refrigeration Equipment Installation
Catering & Refrigeration Equipment Installation

Catering & Refrigeration Equipment Installation

Catering and refrigeration equipment installation plays a pivotal role in the foodservice industry, ensuring the seamless operation of commercial kitchens and food storage facilities. From restaurants and hotels to hospitals and schools, these installations are critical for maintaining food safety standards, optimising workflow efficiency, and preserving the quality of perishable goods.

Professional installation of catering and refrigeration equipment involves meticulous planning, precise execution and adherence to industry regulations. Skilled technicians assess the layout of the space, considering factors such as ventilation, power supply and accessibility. They then install a range of equipment, including ovens, grills, refrigerators, freezers and ice machines, integrating them seamlessly into the kitchen’s infrastructure.

Proper installation not only ensures the functionality of the equipment but also enhances energy efficiency and prolongs its lifespan. Technicians calibrate temperature settings, verify electrical connections and conduct thorough testing to guarantee optimal performance.

Moreover, compliance with health and safety standards is paramount. Installers must follow guidelines for food storage temperatures, sanitation protocols and ventilation requirements to create a hygienic environment conducive to food preparation.

In conclusion, professional catering and refrigeration equipment installation is indispensable for the smooth operation of commercial kitchens, ensuring food safety, efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards.

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Emergency Call Outs
Emergency Call Outs

Emergency Call Outs

Our commercial kitchen emergency breakdown service is a critical support system for restaurants, catering businesses and foodservice establishments. In the fast-paced world of culinary operations, breakdowns can occur unexpectedly, disrupting operations and potentially causing financial losses. This service ensures that when kitchen equipment malfunctions, expert technicians are on standby to swiftly respond and resolve issues.

Prompt response times are paramount in emergency breakdown service to minimise downtime and prevent spoilage of perishable goods. Our technicians are equipped with specialised knowledge and tools to diagnose and repair a wide range of kitchen equipment, including ovens, refrigerators, freezers and industrial cookers. They understand the urgency of the situation and work efficiently to restore functionality, allowing businesses to resume operations promptly.

You can run your commercial kitchen with confidence, knowing that our assistance is just a phone call away in times of crisis. This proactive approach ensures uninterrupted service and upholds the reputation and efficiency of foodservice establishments.

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What our customers say

Rob and the team have provided excellent service across our group of Cafés and Licensed venues. RW Catering provide ongoing updates and prompt attendance to our requests with excellent technical ability and qualifications, live job sheet updates via email really help provide prompt feedback for the various works.

Honesty Group are pleased this helps meet our environmental goals by keeping our premises running efficiently and increasing the life span of our catering equipment. I have no hesitation in recommending RW Catering.
Kevin Witt, Honesty Group

I can highly recommend Robert and his team, they are always able to get to us quickly when we have needed it. We have great communication with them and engineers are helpful and friendly.

Jasmine Woodward, University of Southampton Science Park

Going the extra mile

We understand the needs of your kitchen and how important it is for your equipment to be working correctly. Holding a substantial van stock we always try & offer a first time fix and if this is not possible we work with a number of key part suppliers to ensure an efficient quick repair.

We can accommodate your kitchen’s access times; whether that be finishing up before your breakfast service or avoiding your busy lunch sessions and always leave the work area clean and tidy.

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